City of Tucson's WebAPI

In 2012 The City of Tucson started an open-data initiative in order to promote government transparency and to provide more and higher quality services to the community. I started working on this initiative from multiple perspectives. I participated in the RFP review process which lead to the selection of the open data portal provider ( I also participated in the planning and portal implementation phase. This phase required creating a City department wide group of stakeholders and data liaisons who would participate in providing department specific data to the portal as well has having a roll in the long-term direction of the portal. The third component that I am currently directing is the development of a City of Tucson WebAPI. Right now, the WebAPI serves two purposes. It provides the first version of a generic web api that can used by people participating in the civic hacker communities (e.g., Code For Tucson). It can and is used by local community activists for accounting purposes in local home owner associations.

Please refer to the City of Tucson Property Research Online project for a description of the complexity and issues involved in this project.

Tools Used

  • Java - Spring Boot
  • Git and GitHub
  • TeamCity