Precision Edge / Farmer's Edge

In 2012 I worked for MDA Corporation (not the Muscular Dystrophy Association). I was a programmer on a team developing a product name Precision Edge, which was a Microsoft Silverlight and C# based application that was designed to help farmers as a precision farming tool.

I started on the project after most of the core work was finished and was involved with feature enhancement and bug fixes. However, the nature of the application required all team members be familiar with as many aspects of the application as possible. During the year I worked on the project I helped develop PostGreSQL GIS data tables. ArcGIS geospatial web services using Python and C# .Net application code that exchanged and processed data between the database and the GIS web services. Also, my favorite part that I got to develop was a new feature that used MDA meteorological web services to retrieve climate data that was then used in the application's back-end climate prediction model.

Tools Used

  • C# - .Net
  • Python
  • ArcGIS Server
  • PostGreSQL